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Qualitec Industries Limited is backed with relevant modern cutting-edge technology, the company has over the years, emerged as the leading producer of high quality Aluminium profiles in West Africa..

We are committed to providing cost effective and high quality building materials for our customers. We are working to create a partnership mutually beneficial to our customers, and conduct our businesses in a professional manner whilst maintaining value of integrity, trust and reliability.

Qualitec industries limited is a fully incorporated and limited liability company, primarily involved in production of Stone coated rooftiles, coated coils for various industrial applications, supply and installation of high quality longspan aluminium roofing sheets and flashings in various sizes and designs. continue reading...



Over 19 years of experience

we pride ourselves in our long practice in production and accumulated experience of over 40years of our qualified staff.



Our trademark signifies quality in the industry, our products are durable and dependable.


Price Competitiveness 

Our prices are competitive and affordable.


Service Delivery

We are timely, prompt and rated highly by our numerous customers.



We are creative. We strive to be innovative and chart new grounds in our industry, while taking client feedback and market trends into consideration.

What Makes Us Different

Innovative Technology

We provide innovative solutions to unique problems. Qualitec has the unique ability to connect to projects on a personal level. We create new innovation based on our customer desires.

Exceptional Service

As the world gets more complex and competitive, It is expected to embrace a creative and more dynamic approach; we serve our clients to meet these needs by the right team of professionals.

Creative Solutions

We offer creative solutions that help our clients to effectively solve their roofing needs based on insights deeply rooted in constant research.

Impressive Results

With our many years of experience, we strive for perfection in every detail because the results are plain to see – results that never fail to impress our customers.

Global Partner

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Clients Testimonials

  • It is reassuring to have established a relationship with such an honest and capable roofing company. No doubt, when our buildings are close to needing to be re-roofed in the nearest future. Qualitec is our best bet.
    Mr. Taiwo Sowole CEO, Guarantee Aliminium, Kano, Nigeria
  • I want the company to know how happy we are with our new roofs. It would be my pleasure spreading your good name around town. If I or our staff hears of any customer needing a roof, we would refer them to your company!
    Mr. Philips Edeh MD, Chiphill Aluminium. Jos, Nigeria
  • Thank you for the professionalism and the thoughtful way in which you have saved us funds. It is not often that I have experienced a job done with such ease and grace and we are delighted to be associated with Qualitec.
    Mr. Femi Dada CEO, Mosdaf, Aluminium. Lagos, Nigeria
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